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It is not one of cause and effect. 这不是因果关系

It is high time that we put an end to the…该是我们停止…的时候了。

No doubt, unless we take effective measures, it is very likely that…毫无疑问,除非我们采取有效措施,否则很可能会…

Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that…把所有这些因素加以考虑,我们自然会得出结论…

All in all,we cannot live without…But at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise.总之,我们没有…是无法生活的。但同时,我们必须寻求新的解决办法来对付可能出现的新问题。

People’s views on…vary from person to person. Some hold that…However, others believe that…

To reverse the trend is not a light task. It requires a good awareness of…要想扭转这一趋势并非易事。这需要充分意识到…

Many people insist that…很多人(坚持)认为…

Obviously,…If we want to do something…, it is essential that…显然,如果我们想做某事我们需要…

A lot of people seem to think that…很多人似乎认为…

There are different opinions among people as to…关于…人们的观点大不相同。



  1. 虚拟世界让我们变成了“低头族”,导致我们遭到蒙蔽,看不到丰富多彩的世界。
    The virtual world has turned us into “phubbers”, blinding us to this colorful world.

  2. 取得科学突破需要很大的耐心、努力和牺牲。
    Making scientific breakthroughs would demand much patience, hard work and sacrifice.

  3. 过度使用手机会极大消耗我们的精力,让我们很难集中精力在手头的工作上。
    Excessive use of mobile phones will drain us, making it difficult for us to focus on the task at hand.

  4. 无人驾驶技术能够免除人们聚精会神长时间驾驶的必要。
    Driverless technology eliminates the need for people to concentrate on driving for long periods of time.

  5. 由于缺乏对网上言论的监督,很多无辜的人都在承受着网络暴力而且无处申诉。
    Due to the lack of supervision of online comments, many innocent people are enduring cyberbullying and have nowhere to complain.

  6. 互联网的普及让人们拥有了更多获取信息的渠道和话语权,这削弱了专家权威。
    The widespread use of the Internet has given people more access to information and the right to speak, which can erode the authority of experts.

  7. 总会有一些人去夸大科技带来的问题,并且忽视其带来的好处。
    There are always some people who exaggerate the problems brought by technology, while ignoring the benefits it brings.

  8. 科技的发展需要全世界各国的共同努力,因此不应该因为经济或信仰原因将国家排除在国际科学合作项目外。
    The development of science and technology requires the joint efforts of the global community, so countries should not be excluded from international science programs for economic or religious reasons.

  9. 每当人们开始担心我们有限的能源即将枯竭时,新能源技术就会出现,并对经济产生了深远的影响。
    Whenever people start to worry that our limited energy resources is about to be exhausted, new energy technologies emerge, which have a profound impact on the economy.

  10. 随着技术的不断发展,我们正目睹技术越来越多地暴露人们的隐私。
    As technology develops, we are witnessing technology’s increasing ability to expose people’s privacy.

  11. 技术的发展日新月异。很多产品会风行一段时间,然后渐渐被人遗忘,这种现象并不少见。
    Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it is not uncommon for products to become popular overnight, and then fade into oblivion.

  12. 社交网络平台比如脸书和推特的流行让年轻人很容易成为社交媒体过载的受害者。
    The popularity of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, makes it easier for young people to fall victim to social media overload.

  13. 针对电脑和手机软件侵犯用户隐私的行为,政府将施行严格的管制和处罚措施。
    The government will impose strict controls on computer and mobile applications that infringe on users’ privacy.

  14. 对未知的恐惧一直笼罩着科学的进步,但它总是随着时间的推移而消散。
    Fear of the unknown has always hung over scientific progress, but it always dissipates over time.

  15. 虽然高科技的应用极大地方便了我们的生活,但很多自制力差的人把自己沉溺于虚拟世界,并为此浪费了很多时间。
    Although the application of advanced technology has brought convenience to our lives, many people with poor self-control consequently indulge themselves in the virtual world and waste a great deal of time.

  16. 当科技带来的不确定性干扰人们的生活时,人们会感到焦虑。
    People feel anxious when the uncertainty brought by technology intrudes on their lives.

  17. 尽管互联网使人们可以随时随地进行交流,但它也让人们失去了面对面交流的机会,将人们与真实世界孤立开来。
    While the Internet enables people to communicate with each other whenever they want, it also isolates them from the real world by taking away face-to-face interaction.

  18. 移动支付极大地提高了支付效率,方便百姓生活,让使用现金的风险降到最小。
    Mobile payment greatly improves payment efficiency, brings convenience to people’s lives and minimizes the risk of cash use.

  19. 如果一个国家想要在长期的科技竞争中取得优势,它必须变得更加的以基础科学技术为导向。
    If a country wants to gain an advantage in long-term technological competition, it must become more basic science oriented.

  20. 因为技术的发展必然会增加公民隐私被侵犯的风险,所以政府和科技公司有义务共同努力,防止侵犯行为的发生。
    Because the development of technology will inevitably increase the risk of privacy violation, the government and technology firms are obliged to make a concerted effort to prevent people’s privacy from being violated.

  21. 无人驾驶能大幅降低交通事故数量,可能挽救数百万人生命。
    Autonomous vehicles can significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents, saving millions of lives.

  22. 青少年更有可能痴迷于互联网上的虚拟身份,并减少与身边亲朋好友交流的时间,从而影响心理健康和社交能力。
    Teenagers are more likely to be obsessed with virtual identities on the Internet and then reduce the time spent interacting with their friends and family. This will have a negative impact on their mental health and social skills.

  23. 企图限制科技的发展以保持自己垄断地位的企业,最终都将走向没落。
    Enterprises that attempt to restrict the development of technology to maintain their monopoly will eventually go downhill.

  24. 由于互联网的存在,我们现在能够随时随地与他人交流,但网上沟通仍然不能取代现实世界中的交流。
    Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to communicate with others anytime anywhere, but online communication is no substitute for real-life interactions.

  25. 每当一项新技术出现,一些行业将不可避免地遭受损失,而行业中的低技能劳动者损失最大。
    Whenever a new technology emerges, some industries will inevitably suffer, and it is low-skilled workers in these industries that suffer the most.

  26. 和年轻一代相比,老年人更容易受互联网诈骗的影响。
    Elderly people are more susceptible to Internet scams than the younger generation.

  27. 科技公司之间为了各自利益掀起互联网大战,而不考虑用户是否会因此蒙受巨大损失。
    Technology companies are waging an Internet war for their own interests, regardless of whether users will sustain huge losses or not.

  28. 事实上,一些发达国家认为,发展中国家的技术进步可能威胁到它们现有的国际地位,因此选择压制这些国家。
    In fact, some developed countries believe that technological advances in developing countries may threaten their existing international status, and they therefore choose to contain these countries.
    contain:to prevent sth harmful from spreading or getting worse 防止…蔓延(或恶化)
    •to contain an epidemic 防止流行病的蔓延
    •Government forces have failed to contain the rebellion. 政府军未能遏止叛乱

  29. 电脑和网络不会危及教师的角色。相反,他们可以用来辅助教学以及减轻教师的负担。
    Computers and the Internet will not undermine the role of teachers. Rather, they can be used to facilitate teaching and lighten the burden of teachers.

  30. 人们担心随着人工智能技术的发展,一些职业会消失,低技术工人也会失业。
    People worry that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, some professions will vanish and low-skilled workers will lose their jobs.

  31. 高科技公司应当接受公众的监督,以防他们利用用户在网上的记录作恶。
    Tech firms should accept public scrutiny, which can prevent them from using users’ digital footprints for evil.

  32. 当前发达的现代科技并不是一蹴而就的,而是几代人努力研究成果的积累。
    Modern technological advances are not achieved overnight. They are the accumulation of research results of several generations.

  33. 从事科学研究需要极强的意志力,因为很多研究成果即使在理论上可行,也无法在短期内实现。
    Engaging in scientific research requires strong willpower, because many research results cannot be achieved in the short term, even if they are theoretically feasible.

  34. 有些人对自己适应数字时代尖端技术的能力感到自豪。
    Some people pride themselves with their ability to adapt to cutting-edge technologies in the digital era.

  35. 发展中国家的人比发达国家的人更愿意采用新技术,特别是当这个技术非常高效的时候。
    People in developing countries are more willing to adopt new techniques than those in developed countries, especially when the techniques are highly efficient.

  36. 随着 5G 技术的普及,信息产业将会以惊人的速度进步,并催生大量技术创新。
    With the popularity of 5G technology, the information industry will advance at a breathless pace and generate countless technological innovations.

  37. 人们创造力水平的下降可以部分归因于现代科技带来的新型娱乐方式,因为它们满足了感官愉悦,却不需要人们思考。
    The decline in people’s creativity is partly attributed to new forms of entertainment that modern technology brings, which can satisfy people’s sensory pleasures without requiring them to think.

  38. 互联网的飞速发展既给我们提供便利,又给我们带来了挑战——现实生活和虚拟世界能兼容吗?
    The rapid development of the Internet has not only provided us with convenience, but also brought us challenges: Is real life compatible with the virtual world?

  39. 政府鼓励高科技公司投入更多钱用于研究和开发,因为这样做不仅对于公司的未来有利,这对整个社会也有好处。
    The government should encourage high-tech firms to dedicate more money to research and development, because doing so is not only good for the firms’ future, but beneficial to society as a whole.

  40. 一个国家的国际地位在很大程度上取决于其经济和技术实力,所以政府应当集中力量发展这两个领域。
    A country’s international status is largely determined by its economic and technological strength, so the government should focus on developing these two areas.

  41. 随着抖音等短视频平台在全世界流行开来,越来越多的年轻人对录制短视频产生了浓厚兴趣。
    As short video platforms such as Tik Tok become popular around the world, more and more young people have developed a passion for recording short video clips.

  42. 对现代技术的热切追求是很多国家近年来快速发展的一个原因。
    One reason that many countries are developing rapidly these years is their eager embrace of modern technology.

  43. 互联网的发展使得人们得以在线上购物,帮助他们节省时间和金钱。
    The development of the Internet enables people to go shopping online, helping them save time and money.

  44. 互联网和智能手机等技术的进步丰富了我们的生活。现在我们不用踏出家门就可以购物、看电影甚至工作。
    Technological advances such as the Internet and smartphones have enriched our lives. Now we can go shopping, watch movies and even work in the comfort of our own home.

  45. 政府应当为国内的科技公司提供稳定的经济环境和政策支持,比如税收优惠。
    The government should ensure a stable economic environment and provide support such as tax incentives for domestic tech firms.

An educated populace will facilitate the development of science and technology, so it is important that the government increase spending on education.

  1. 新技术可以促进创新,加速价值传递,但它并不能解决所有问题。
    New technology can foster innovation and accelerate value delivery, but it doesn’t hold all the answers.

  2. 互联网的出现凸显了普通人作为现代公民的作用,帮助他们针对社会议题发声。
    The advent of the Internet has given people the opportunity to highlight their role as modern citizens and give voice to social issues.

  3. 我们应该理性地控制对科技的投入,认清社会真正需要什么。
    We should rationally control the investment in science and technology by identifying what our society really needs.

  4. 地方政府应该实施新的政策来吸引更多的高科技公司和专业人士。
    The local government should implement new policies to attract more high-tech firms and professionals.