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Book1 U8

1.Thousands of English words are derived from Latin.

2.The factory buildings have iron pillars all over the place holding up the roof

3.Some area of the earth are too cold to be habitable for human beings.

4.china has made a more prominent role in the global community with its membership in the World Trade Organization.

5.He was a great patriot who demonstrated his love to the country by action .

6.Yan’an is the cradle of China revolution.

7.What conclusions can we draw from this experience ,carry away and put into action?

8.The country could more rapidly and thoroughly intergrate into the global economy.

9.That was a bad period for literature,in terms of both quantity and quality.

10.Many studients attend to the value of allowing students to hear books read aloud.

11.The Chinese people celebrated the 69th anniversary of founding thr people’s Repubilc of China with an unparalleled excitement and joy.

12.American people urged the president to declare that “now is the time” to end gun Violence.

13.The foreign students can not speak Chinese,let alone write it.

14.We owe our success to the ingenuity intellect and creativity of our people.

15.Without your help, we couldn’t have accomplished the task ahead of schedule.

Book2 U1

1.New ways to treat arthritis may provide an alternative to painkillers.

2.It has been unclear what role,if any, these brain waves play in cognitive functions such as learning and memory .

3.NGOs have credibility because they are not involved in the conflicts,and this in turn gives them unsual influence.

4.In college,some courses are compolsory,and some are optional.

5.The government may have understimated the potential effect of the new system on the international financial markets.

6.More than a thrid of middle-class earbers said they they would only shop in a supermarket they deemed to be “socially reputable”, with Carrefour being on the top of the list.

7.You need to assess all project risks to determine if the projects are within acceptable levels students.

8.Mary earned this honour by pursuing pooptunities that are open to all motivated students.

9.At this point in the recovery,the US is more likely to fall back than move forward.

10.All forms of discrimination should be eliminated once and for all.

11.Scientists would conduct numerous experiments to prove their new theories and discoveries.

12.The team agrees that their research is prelimiary and that the method needs to be tested on other surfaces.

13.Their songs also appeal to fans of folk-style singing and other kinds of music.

14.Creativity is a good trait in all human beings.

15.She had a real aptitude for drawing and painting, which helped her become famous all over the country.

Book2 U4

1.Every citizen has the right to partake in social decision-making.

2.Taking attendance regulary, especially at the beginning of the semester,is a great way to learn your studrnts’ names and to help students recognize and get to know each other.

3.The street slept in darkness,asidefrom the occasional twinkling of lights from two or three windows.

4.The general conclusion is that the risk assessment is insufficient due to the limited data available.

5.Many people born in 1960s’ believe that marriages should take precedence over all other relationships.

6.With the rapid development of network communication,more and more new words come forth.

7.Her friend has promised to accompany her on a trip to india.

8.Color red hsa historically denoted sacrifice,danger and courage.

9.In contrast to people’s expectation,the government didn’t approve the proposal for a rise in the minimum wage.

10.Each meeting commences with a reading of the minutes of the last meeting.

11.There are a few things that I don’t like about my job,but by and large it’s very enjoyable .

12.Art is a universal language and a great nonverbal way to express emotions and experiences.

13.Unlike their Chinese counterpaters,they do not take their visitors out of dinner,or around on the golf course while they develop a sense of trust.

14.Although many economists acknowledge that freedom matters,few investment strategies take advantage of this fact.

15.Hand off anything that can be delegated,and be realistic about what you can reasonably accomplish every day.

Book2 U6

1.I’ve offered to paint the kitchen in exchange for a week’s accommodation.

2.The company is now well positived to compete in the market overseas.

3.The chance of a higher salsry gives young people the incentive to work harder.

4.The government is trying to lesson the impact of the oil spill on marine life.

5.One of the members of the surgical team leaked the story to a fellow physician who, in turn, confided in a reporter.

6.Employee referral schemes are a popular way for organizations to recruit new members.

7.The exhibition was sponsored by the Society of Culture..

8.Advertisements attempt to project a hidden meaning behind an overt messages.

9.It is self-evident that the development of science and technology is vital to the modernization of China.

10.In castel Molo, high above Taormina,you can sample the famous almond wine made there.

11.Imperialism attempted to create a religious division in this country and made it divide into two countries.

12.The price of furniture serves a dual purpose as a cupboard and as a table.

13.I have some good news for you !The furniture shop is offering three-piece suites at giveaway prices!

14.The government put forward some policies to give an impulse to the struggling car industry.

15.The government has already done its best to create a good environment with favorable policies.






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